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Q: Export of component with DTO classes I would like to export a component with DTO classes. For example, a component that exports the following DTO: @Entity public class UserDTO { @Id public Integer id; public String name; public Integer age; public Integer gender; public Integer level; //.. } The way I currently do it is by adding a value object UserDTOTransientValue like this: @Value @Builder public class UserDTOTransientValue { private Integer id; private String name; private Integer age; private Integer gender; I then use: @Component public class UsersDTO { @Reference public UserDTOTransientValue transientValue; @Value I would like to know if there is a better way to do this. I am looking for a way to use annotations (JPA) and a way to export the UserDTOTransientValue as an ID instead of a field. A: You can easily export value objects, just create the implementation with the @Entity and @Embedded annotation.




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